Unaccompanied Minors

Many of our clients are under the age of 18.  Beginning in 2014 we have seen a large increase in adolescents crossing illegally into the United States due to severe and life threatening gang violence. These are the children left behind whose parents fled the civil wars in Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as the Hondurans who fled the poverty of their country.  Apart from seeking asylum, some of these children may qualify for "Special Immigrant Status" depending on parental situation/mistreatment/abandonment in their native country.  We have represented such children and have been successful in obtaining permanent residence for them based on parent abandonment.  This representation involves both legal representation in the Family Law civil courts, as well as representation before the Immigration Court and eventually before the Immigration Service.  Complex, time-consuming and requiring significant paperwork, it is nonetheless one of our most gratifying forms of legal representation.  The rewards are tremendous.