Hedi Framm-Anton has been practicing immigration law since 1984. She is passionate about justice and giving her clients a voice. 



She believes an immigration case is not completely finished until her client has acquired U.S. citizenship, and pushes hard for her clients to continue legalizing their status from asylum, permanent residence to the final process of being a full fledged member of American society.

Her primary interest and specialization is political asylum, in particular victims of severe trauma, be they men, women or children.  She is particularly skilled in eliciting stores of traumatic events, and building powerful testimonies of persecution in support of asylum applications. This is her passion.

Apart from political asylum, Hedi Framm-Anton practices deportation defense, U visa applications for victims of crime, and consular processing.

She works in the heart of an immigrant neighborhood, at 24th and South Van Ness in San Francisco, California, where she has had her practice for the past thirty years.

She prides herself on honesty, credibility, and always telling her clients the truth about their legal situation. She does not promise what she cannot give, and will not mislead a client or allow him or her to believe their legal situation is an easy fix if it is not so.

She has tremendous respect and love for the most vulnerable of the immigrant population - those who come from poverty and poor education, with a dream of a better life in the United States.  She does everything possible to make this happen, because she genuinely cares.

She is completely fluent in Spanish and English.